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Nigrán, Spain Full time
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Minimum education
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UARX Space offers a unique opportunity for a talented Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering or similar, specializing in space electronics.

The Electronics Team is expanding during 2023 to work across several product categories, including highly-reliable space electronics for unique missions. The team is involved in various technologies, including VHDL, embedded electronics, sensors, image processing, and software. In addition, the team works closely with the CTO of the company to deliver technologies into new products during the research phase.


As part of your daily job, you will participate in the research and production for developing space electronic systems.

You will be in charge of a team of engineers to deliver space products to satisfy our internal needs and customers' requirements, ensuring that team philosophies and ECSS working practices recommendations are applied to the projects.

As part of your responsibilities, you will find:

  • Hardware design and hardware design pair review
  • VHDL description of complex electronic systems
  • Managing technical risks in a project through FMEAs
  • Ensure electronic requirements and architecture details are documented by the team
  • Participate in design reviews presenting review packs which typically include concept specifications, requirements, risk registers, FMEAs, FDIR solutions, and design guides when needed.
  • Research new and emerging technologies through visiting conferences and trade shows, meeting suppliers, and reading papers and patents.
  • Identify emerging IPs from the research and developments and ensure inventions are submitted to the IP team.
  • Ensuring the team generates suitable test specifications to ensure product reliability, safety, and robustness, including simulations, emulations, and hardware-in-the-loop scenarios.

  • Profile

    The position requires a profile with a Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering or similar, that has obtained the degree in a Spanish University, or that has the corresponding homologation from a Spanish University.

    You should be able to demonstrate an ability to research and innovate, as well as be a pivotal contributor to strengthening the culture of innovation within the team.

    You should possess technical knowledge in at least the following areas:

  • VHDL architecture and definition.
  • Highly reliable implementations, using techniques such as 2oo3 voting at a circuit level.
  • General knowledge of power electronic devices and modules, including IGBTs, MOSFETs, and GaNs.
  • Thermal management approaches for surface mount and through-hole devices.
  • PCB layout, focusing on size/cost minimization while achieving good EMC compliance and thermal design.
  • It is desirable for a candidate to have prior experience with space electronics.

    You should possess managerial experience in at least the following topics:

  • People management.
  • Ability to manage several projects running concurrently.
  • Budget setting and management.

    You should have other essential skills, including:

  • Excellent analytical ability and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills, both in Spanish and English, written and spoken.
  • Comfortable with multi-tasking and changing environments.
  • Imaginative and innovative ideas that are in line with the New Space philosophy.

  • Additional information

    You must be eligible to work in the EU, and the Ph.D. diploma has to be valid in Spain.

    UARX Space is an equal-opportunity employer. We welcome applications from all backgrounds. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, or any other dimension of diversity.

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