Launch Services

We offer world-class services to help your spacecraft reach traditional and non-traditional orbits, from Low Earth Orbit, to the Moon and beyond

Our capabilities

We work with industry leaders launch vehicle providers that can accommodate different payloads, either a CubeSat, a PocketQube, a Small Satellite, or just an experiment that needs to reach orbit as a demonstrator.

TOM: To Orbit Mission

TOM is the simplest access to space that we have. It is highly configurable, allowing us to deploy the different types of small satellites to the initial orbit where the rocket arrives.

The vehicle comprises several satellite deployers and a highly reliable sequencer that allows us to control the deployment of each payload carried that requires being released to orbit.

TOM is not detached from the Launch Vehicle at any moment, so it ultimately gets burned with the rocket without generating space debris.

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OSSIE: Orbit Solutions to Simplify Injection and Exploration

OSSIE is compatible with UARX Space RAMI deployers and SAU&RON 15" separation systems, providing our customers an advanced CubeSat and Small Satellite mechanical and electrical adapter. Other deployment systems can be accommodated under request.

Using green propellant, OSSIE can perform orbital changes to deliver our customers right into their desired spot. From simple altitude changes to complex constellations deployment or SSO reconfiguration.

Conceived to be modular, OSSIE can carry CubeSats, small satellites that use standard 8" or 15" clamp-band systems, or even hosted payloads or PocketQubes.

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LUCAS: Lunar Cargo Services

LUCAS stands for Lunar Cargo Services and is the most advanced development ever made by UARX Space. It will allow transporting up to 1000 kilograms of payloads to Moon orbits in a few days and tons of payloads when using low-thrust propulsion.

The propulsion stage will use an upgraded OSSIE vehicle. At the same time, the rest of the platform is aimed to provide the most advanced services ever offered to payloads, so customers can forget about the challenges on how to get to the Moon and enjoy their ride.

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