Separation Adapter Unit & Ride-ON

Highly-Reliable Family of Separation Systems for Small Satellites

SAU&RON is a family of separation rings built for those small satellites that require a standard and reliable 8" or 15" interface to a launch vehicle.

For spacecraft up to 450 kilograms

The SAU&RON family of separation systems offers an optimized mechanical design that allows attaching a spacecraft with the maximum mass supported by an ESPA adapter, making it the best separation system in terms of mass ratio.

With just 1.6 kilograms on its 8-in version and 2.9 kilograms on the 15-in version together with the use of redundant flight-proven motorized actuators, they offer low to no shock to the carried payload.

SAU&RON rings also allow customization on the separation velocity to meet customer's requirements on the precise deployment of payloads, making it ideal for critical LEO and interplanetary missions.

Highlighted Features

SAU&RON is a family of rings designed and built with reliability as one of the driving factors and prepared for Low Earth Orbit and interplanetary missions:

  • It uses highly-reliable flight-proven motorized actuators
  • Exceeds the mass limit imposed by an ESPA ring, allowing payloads weighting more than 450 kilograms, the best in class
  • Provides up to 60 lines of harness between the payload and the launch vehicle side, withstanding up to 3A each
  • It has an ITAR/EAR Free design
  • Complies with the REACH regulation
  • Mechanical interface

    Total mass (without interface screws and harness)
    Starting from 1.6 kg

    Ride-ON mass (flyaway)
    < 0.2 kg
    * Lightweight version available for spacecraft with mass below 200 kilograms.

    Rocket side ring interface
    12 x 1/4 inch bolts, according to the 8-inches ESPA interface (or 12 x M6)

    Payload side ring interface
    12 x 1/4 inch bolts, according to the 8-inches ESPA interface (or 12 x M6)

    Actuation response time
    < 100 ms

    Stack height
    50.0 mm

    Payload capacity
    120 kg (250 mm CG height from rocket plane)

    Unitary spring energy
    0.025 to 3.7 Joules (Customizable to user needs)

    Separation velocity
    Customizable from 0.1 m/s to 0.8 m/s (mass dependant)
    * The overall system mass can limit the maximum relative separation velocity.

    Shock output (as seen by the Payload)
    < 100 g's @ 1 kHz (Low shock)
    * Value obtained by analysis. The final results are pending and will be confirmed after further testing.

    Electrical Interface

    Actuator type
    Redundant space-grade DC motors

    Actuator voltage
    28V ±4V (typical)

    Release signal
    150 ms pulse with < 2 amps (typical)

    Release time
    150 ms max.

    Data / Power / Grounding interface
    15 pin, negative insertion force connector. Up to 3 A per pin
    * Up to 4 connectors can be added around the ring. Typically they are used for grounding, power, and data separately.