Landing Opportunities for Lunar Activities

Delivering payloads to the lunar surface

LOLA is the lander that will allow your instruments, rovers, and payloads to safely land on the Moon.

LOLA the Lander

LOLA stands for Landing Opportunities for Lunar Activities and intends to generate opportunities for the future of lunar exploration. It will allow the delivery of payloads and instruments developed to perform “in-situ resources utilization” on the Moon.

Lander Capabilities

The vehicle will allow to transport up to 250 kilograms of payloads to the lunar surface. These payloads can be either hosted on-board, or delivered to the surface once LOLA finishes with the descent and landing maneuvers.

Artist's impression of LOLA.

Collaboration Opportunities

We are seeking to discuss potential collaborations for our technological developments.

Please contact us if your company or institution has a strong background in the following areas: «Chemical or Electric propulsion», «High TRL avionics», «Guidance Navigation & Control algorithms», «Sensors and Actuators», or «Communication Systems»

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