Lunar Cargo Services

Need a ride to the Moon?

LUCAS is the most advanced vehicle that will provide cargo services to orbits around the Moon.

LUCAS the Orbiter

LUCAS stands for Lunar Cargo Services and is the most advanced development ever made by UARX Space. It will allow transporting up to 1000 kilograms of payloads to Moon orbits in a few days and tons of payloads when using low-thrust propulsion.

The propulsion stage will use an upgraded OSSIE vehicle. At the same time, the rest of the platform is aimed to provide the most advanced services ever offered to payloads, so customers can forget about the challenges on how to get to the Moon and enjoy their ride.

Spacecraft Capabilities

The orbiter is designed to be adaptable to the mission requirements. Depending on the mission, it could use chemical propulsion to get to the Moon's orbit in a few days, or use low-thrust propulsion and take several months.

To complete the number of services offered, the spacecraft allows the attachment of a lander using a standard mechanical interface, so vehicles like LOLA can be delivered to the desired destination prior to start with the descent and landing maneuvers.

Project status

LUCAS is currently under development. Phase 0 has been completed.

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Artist's impression of LUCAS.