This is UARX Space

UARX Space founders, Yanina Hallak and Andrés Villa, walked a long way in the Space industry before starting the company. Yanina is an Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineer. She is a STEM advocate, volunteer, podcast co-host, and public speaker. Andrés is an Aerospace, Electronics, and Computer Science Engineer. He is a project manager, former professor, and book author.

After years of working in the development of Earth observation and geostationary satellites, they attended California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. They participated in multiple CubeSats missions from the University that co-creates the standard. They learned how to do CubeSats from the inside. After that, Yanina & Andrés decided to create UARX, a family-owned business, to design and build spacecraft that put CubeSats and SmallSat into their desired orbits, from LEO to the Moon and deep space.

To go far, you have to choose wisely. Yanina and Andrés got together a team of great people who trust each other, love what they do, giving their best, and striving for excellence. From 1kg to 3500 Kg spacecraft, the team has invaluable knowledge analyzing and developing any unmanned mission, including onboard software, mass memory, design, structural and thermal analysis, solar panels, radiator antennas, payloads for deep space, project management, systems engineering, integration, testing, and operations.

“Our mission is to provide in-space transportation services to non traditional destinations, from Low Earth Orbit to the Moon and deep space.”

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