This is UARX Space

Our team is formed by professionals of the traditional space industry with experience designing geostationary satellites, scientific Earth observation missions, and payload instruments for deep space. Our expertise includes critical onboard software, structural analysis, thermal analysis, project management, systems engineering, assembly, integration, and testing, among others.

Moreover, since 2014, and with CalPoly as Alma Mater of the founders, the core team has been working closely with the Small Satellite Community, helping them on designing many of the missions that are in orbit today, and some of those waiting to be launched.

At UARX Space, we can analyze and develop any type of unmanned mission, thoroughly and effectively, concerning the cost.

Since 2018 UARX is developing a vehicle capable of providing cargo services further from LEO, to the Moon and beyond.

“Our mission is to develop the capacity of providing transportation services to non-traditional destinations, from Low Earth Orbit to deep space.”

The founders

The advisory board