Orbit Solutions to Simplify Injection and Exploration

Your ride in space made easy

OSSIE is the vehicle that simplifies the ride to your final destination in orbit, so you can design your satellite focusing in your area of expertise.

OSSIE the “Clever Spacecraft”

OSSIE stands for Orbit Solutions to Simplify Injection and Exploration. This spacecraft is designed to minimize the effort required by CubeSats and small spacecraft to arrive to their destination in orbit. It will allow the precise injection of the spacecraft in non-traditional Earth orbits, as well as orbits around the Moon and trajectories to Deep Space.

Spacecraft Capabilities

The spacecraft is modular and scalable, which means that depending on the client requirements it can be configured to achieve their goals. From Earth orbits, to the Moon and beyond, OSSIE can be configured using chemical or electric propulsion.

OSSIE will be capable of:

  • Direct injection
  • Orbital altitude and inclination changes
  • Phasing for in-plane constellation distribution
  • LTAN/LTDN change
  • Artist's impression of OSSIE.

    Collaboration Opportunities

    We are seeking to discuss potential collaborations for our technological developments.

    Please contact us if your company or institution has a strong background in the following areas: «Chemical or Electric propulsion», «High TRL avionics», «Guidance Navigation & Control algorithms», «Sensors and Actuators», or «Communication Systems»

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