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PRESS RELEASE COVID-19 - UARX Space designs an open-source PEEP valve in response to Spanish hospitals' urgent needs. Nigran, SpainApril 16, 2020
Image credit: UARX Space PEEP valves designed by UARX Space, printed in 3D and machined in POM material.

In response to the urgent call published on the Spanish Aerospace Platform (from Spanish PAE), UARX Space designed and manufactured a pediatric valve, which is currently out of stock on the market. This valve is designed to achieve a positive pressure in the lungs, which is a crucial component for the correct operation of the respirators. The piece was designed and manufactured in just four days. Two types of manufacturing methods have been used. The first method is by additive manufacturing using 3D printers, and the second by machining POM, a material suitable for the food industry.

Yanina Hallak, CEO of UARX Space, said: "As a mother, you think your kids could need a pediatric valve and not having it, which is terrifying. With no hesitation, UARX Space made available all their resources to assist in the development of PEEP valves for use in children." She also added, "Moreover, UARX Space went a little further and designed a similar valve for its use in adults, just in case."

UARX Space sent the samples by post to the Getafe Hospital in Madrid, where specialized doctors carried out the first tests, the results of which have been very positive. UARX stated, "We are thrilled with the preliminary results. We have been contacted by several people across the country with interest in this valve, so we hope that they can be used in hospitals as soon as possible. After having the tests completed and the final medical approval, UARX Space will make the design available to anyone who may be interested in replicating them."

Meanwhile, Andrés Villa, CTO at UARX Space, said: "With this small open-source contribution, we intend to help the reactivation of the local economy. UARX Space will allow other companies inside and outside of Spain to download the designs and start manufacturing."

Finally, Hallak expressed his gratitude to those who are part of the group of companies who made this possible. She said: "From UARX Space, we want to thank Airbus Defense and Space in Madrid for all the management and participation as interlocutors with the hospitals. Also, We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to Mepregal SL, a precision machining company located in Vigo, for manufacturing six free samples made of POM material. This collaboration demonstrates that when there are goodwill and the desire to help, the synergy generated between technology companies and the Galician industrial sector is unstoppable."

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