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PRESS RELEASE UARX Space signs a Cooperation Agreement with DLR, German Aerospace Center Nigran, Spain - Bremen, GermanyFebruary 18, 2021

Following the MoU signed in December 2020, UARX Space is pleased to announce the signature of a Cooperation Agreement with DLR, German Aerospace Center. This agreement further enhanced their relationship toward common goals.

The Cooperation Agreement involves joint developments for UARX Space spacecraft for Low Earth Orbits and Moon Missions, including the development of spacecraft and landers.

"This Agreement is a huge milestone for us. The expertise of DLR in communications and avionics will assure the best performance for our spacecraft", said Andrés Villa, CTO of UARX Space.

"The idea of in-orbit transportation services is exciting and requires extreme flexible avionics", said Dr. Frank Dannemann, Head of the Avionic Department of the DLR Institute of Space System. "We are happy that our experience in the field of future space avionic systems fits well to these requirements and I'm looking forward to a fruitful and successful collaboration with UARX Space", said Jan Budroweit, Lead Developer for Cognitive Radio Systems for Space Application at DLR.

About the DLR

DLR is the Federal Republic of Germany's research center for aeronautics and space. DLR conducts research and development activities in the fields of aeronautics, space, energy, transport, security, and digitalisation. The German Space Agency at DLR plans and implements the national space programme on behalf of the federal government. Two DLR project management agencies oversee funding programmes and support knowledge transfer.

Climate, mobility and technology are changing globally. DLR uses the expertise of its 54 research institutes and facilities to develop solutions to these challenges. Their 10,000 employees share a mission -to explore Earth and space and develop technologies for a sustainable future. In doing so, DLR contributes to strengthening Germany's position as a prime location for research and industry.

About UARX Space

UARX Space is a Spanish company leading the development of in-space transportation services from Low Earth Orbit, to the Moon and beyond.

The UARX Space Team is formed by experienced aerospace engineers with a background in designing geostationary satellites, scientific Earth observation missions, and payload instruments for deep space. Our expertise includes critical onboard software, structural analysis, thermal analysis, project management, systems engineering, assembly, integration, and testing, among others. The company headquarters is located in Nigrán, Spain, and has an office in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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