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PRESS RELEASE UARX Space's SAURON separation adapter for Small Satellites enters the qualification phase Nigran, SpainOctober 27, 2021
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UARX Space announces that its SAURON Small Satellite Separation Adapter has passed its Critical Design Review and is now ready to complete manufacturing and final testing as part of the qualification phase.

This Critical Design Review is a significant milestone for the company, which in 2021 completed the qualification phase for its Interplanetary CubeSat deployer, RAMI.

The review of the SAURON 15" included all the elements of the separation ring deployment system, as well as integration activities for launch and customer's interaction.

"This critical milestone was achieved thanks to the extraordinary commitment of all UARX Space Team," said Andrés Villa, CTO of UARX. The Spanish company is one of the few in the world to develop a ring-type separation system. UARX continues improving developments to meet the challenging objectives of the on-growing small satellite community.

The 15" ring comes in two versions: a light version suitable for small satellites of up to 200 kilograms, and the regular version that withstands spacecraft of up to 450 kilograms, being both versions ESPA compatible. "SAURON brings flexibility to small satellite developers allowing a spacecraft mass of up to 450 kilograms on a 15" port," said, Andrés Villa and he added, "Withstanding up to 450 kilograms of payload mass with only nearly 2.5 kilograms, SAURON is by far the most efficient separation system in terms of mass ratio."

Qualification tests will verify the design and manufacturing processes, assembly and flight hardware, and associated ground support systems. The system will be flight-ready by Q1 2022. UARX Space CEO, Yanina Hallak, stated: "We have challenging months ahead, and we are ready to continue helping our customers to get to orbit with the best space products and services in the market."

About UARX Space

UARX Space is a Spanish company developing in-space transportation services for CubeSats and SmallSats from Low Earth Orbit to the Moon and beyond. UARX founders are California Polytechnic State University alumni, the worldwide known "home of the CubeSats." In addition, the UARX Space Team is formed by experienced aerospace professionals with a background in designing geostationary satellites, scientific Earth observation missions, and payload instruments for deep space. Their expertise includes critical onboard software, structural analysis, thermal analysis, project management, systems engineering, assembly, integration, and testing, among others. The company headquarter is located in Nigrán, Galicia, Spain.

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