Research & Development Projects

Take a look to the UARX Space roadmap for future missions.

More than just R&D

We conduct research, innovation, and development activities on a daily basis. We find smart solutions to space problems keeping reliability always present.

Space Core Technologies

We focus our research and development efforts to essential technologies than can be applied to different markets.

  • Guidance, Navigation & ControlAutonomous navigation algorithms that can be used for other spacecraft in LEO, GEO, and deep space missions
  • Additive Manufacturing3D-printed structures and tanks that can be used for smaller vehicles to satisfy the market of the small launchers
  • PropulsionA propulsion stage that can be used to deploy spacecraft in LEO in different orbital planes to meet the requirements of the planned constellations for earth observation
  • Descent and LandingLander technologies tested on Earth, which results can be used to develop landers for asteroids and other celestial bodies
  • DeorbitingDeorbiting technology imposed to every payload carried to the lunar orbit, that can be used for payloads deployed in Low Earth Orbit
  • DeploymentsA simplified and robust deployment mechanism that can be used to deploy payloads from other spacecraft in LEO, GEO, or deep space missions