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At UARX Space, we count with professionals with the knowledge to go through all the mission phases.

Mission Analysis

Planning a mission includes not only the development phase of a spacecraft but also consider many other areas, including the disposal phase.

Thermal Analysis

A correct thermal analysis is vital and can induce conceptual modifications in your design, so it is better to consider it from the beginning.

Power Analysis

A complete power analysis is required to define the correct number of solar cells and battery size your spacecraft will need.

Space Systems Engineering

We can help you make your ideas transition from the mission concept to the final revision. That will allow you to start manufacturing your product and launch!.

Formal Peer Reviews

Technical Engineering Peer Reviews are vital to ensure mission success. UARX Space Solutions can participate as a reviewer in your project milestones, providing expert feedback.

Structural & Stress Analysis

A detailed structural and stress analysis, from the harsh environment imposed by launch vehicles to bolt dimensioning, is required to ensure your payload or spacecraft will survive.

Critical Software Development

Mission critical software differs from conventional embedded systems development. We can help you assure you meet the best standards, or develop the software for you.

Public Sector & Government

We work with governments and public institutions to helping them set and realize their space sector goals.

Training Services

Specific education and training are necessary to achieve success in space. We provide education services tailored to the requirements of our customers and partners.

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